Examples Of Ethical Dilemmas In Sports

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There are many legal issues and ethical dilemmas that occur inside of the school each year. I will be informing you about three different issues and ethical dilemmas that occur inside of schools when dealing with sport enhancing drugs. These drugs are not just limited to steroids and illegal drugs. It also includes body enhancers that you can get a places like GNC and other health supplements like that. In the first issue if a student is suspected of taking sports enhancing drugs. There any a few steps that need to occur to ensure the situation is handled correctly. First the coach of the player in question, the sports director and the athletic trainer would sit down and discuss with each other what they suspect the player is taking and the needed steps for it. Then, they will bring the player in and ask him what is going on and if the player in question is taking anything. If the player admits to be taking supplements then there may be …show more content…
In the eyes of Mrs. Gal, sport enhancing drugs are not just unethical but are also very dangerous to the person who is taking them. Many high school sport players are looking up to professional sport players as role models. With the rise of sport enhancements used by the pros it is sending the negative message to teens that sport enhancements are both ok to use and are necessary to be competitive in sports. Even though not all sport enhancing drugs are illegal they are still very bad for the player and may harm the person who is taking them.
Above we have discussed both the legal issues and ethical dilemmas of sport enhancing drugs. Even though they are not completely illegal they can still be very harmful to the player if taken incorrectly. Some schools may also not allow sport enhancing drugs causing those who take the enhancers to lose their spot on the team or even be kicked out of college for breaking the