Examples Of Gender Inequality

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Have you ever asked yourself what would you do if you are not allowed to, for example, drive a car? Or choose who you want to marry? Or educate yourself? Probably not. For most people, these things are absolutely normal and natural, but some people suffer because they don`t have those rights. Most of them are women. I honestly didn`t think about that, too. Right until yesterday. You are probably asking yourself why I started to think about that just yesterday. Well, my professor started a story about one woman who was killed because she wanted to drive a car. I was just like ״What the fuck? Are you fucking kidding with me? Doesn`t she have a right to drive a car? Who will forbid that to her?“ Of course, I didn`t say that to my
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Parents allow their male kids to stay out longer or they have much more freedom, unlike female kids. Their excuse for such behavior is that it`s easier for boys to defend. I do not say that it is not true, but girls aren`t weaklings. They know how to defend, too. It is not the only example. Let`s look relationships today. It is more acceptable for boys to cheat. When a girl does something like that, she is immediately a whore, but when boy cheats, the girl should forgive because it happens and he is sorry and he will never do it again. It is so unfair and humiliating if you ask me. If you are in love with someone, no matter which gender you are, you won`t cheat. That is my opinion and nobody can`t change it. I could write about gender inequality the whole day, but I think that it is not needed. You absolutely understand the point. I agree that always exist some things which are natural, like boys are a bit stronger than girls or something similar. But in every other case, I am for equality because I consider that all people in this world are the same and they are all equally valid. No matter which gender, race or any other stupid ״criterion“ they belong. I wanted to write some pros too, but I