Examples Of Obsession In The Great Gatsby

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Fixating your thoughts on one specific idea causes an obsession. Many villains in novels throughout history have become obsessed with an item which has caused them to be considered the villains. In the infamous novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the main character (Jay Gatsby) fantasizes over Daisy, his money, and not being able to let go of the past thus making him the obsessive villain.

To begin, one of the reasons Gatsby is considered an obsessive villain is because of his obsession with Daisy. Gatsby’s love for Daisy stretches to a point where it is almost creepy. When Daisy comes over for tea, Gatsby decides that they should explore his house. Gatsby tries to impress Daisy with all of his sumptuous possessions; he shows that he has
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The reason he is obsessed with money is because he knows Daisy loves tangible items, and money can buy her all she wants. When everyone is getting ready to go to the city, Nick and Gatsby realize that Daisy’s “‘voice is full of money’” (75). Nick and Gatsby realize this and now understand that she has everything that she could ever want because of Tom’s money. Gatsby felt -or knew- that to win her over he must exceed Tom and solve Daisy’s problems. Furthermore, Gatsby obsesses with money because of his past. Gatsby tells Tom that Daisy “‘only married [Tom] because [Gatsby] was poor’”, and she had to marry because of the pressure she felt (81). When Gatsby returned home from the war, he had been receiving letters from Daisy and learned that she had married Tom because she could not defer her love for Gatsby any longer. Gatsby knew that Tom came from money and that Daisy’s parents wanted her to marry someone with money. After Gatsby lost Daisy, he thought that the only way to get her back was by obtaining a profusion of wealth. He became fascinated with gaining a superfluous amount of money so that one day he and Daisy could get back