Examples Of Personal Development Plan

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PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN – EXAMPLE Name | antonia rachel | Rank | | Number | | Course Title | | Learning Provider | 4 | Level | | Start Date | 19.04.2013 | End Date | | Date Plan Written | 19.04.2013 | Date Plan Reviewed#1 | | Date Plan Reviewed#2 | |

Why am I doing this course? | What is my motive for learning….. My motive for learning is to gain the highest qualification on this course to enable me to get a better choice of job. Promotion, Personal Improvement, Overcome a Learning Difficulty…. What is my ultimate goal…..to improve my English studiesand obtain more knowledge. A qualification, personal fulfilment, career development….. | What is the direct benefit to the completing this course? | Consider the following areas…… I will have more benefits completing this cours as : having adiploma which will help me to go to the university and will help me to have a better job. Academic Study, Professional Self-Development, | What other qualifications have I done (if any) that are relevant to this Course? | What qualifications and/or experience do I already have? I have no qualifications in U.K Some of these may be transferable. | Time Scale | Start Date | End Date | SLC/ELC/IRTC | Comments | SHORT-TERM OBJECTIVES | Is there anything you need to be doing before the course starts? This could include: Researching the course and the provider, including