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Student Learning Contract

Internship Program – Career Development Center – DeSales University
Fax: (610) 282-3734 Phone: (610) 282-1100 Ext: 1738

**ATTENTION: KEEP A COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS! The Career Development Center is not responsible for misplaced or lost contracts. You will need to refer to this document while completing your end of term evaluation!
Student name: Freislyn Santana_________________________ ID #: 1017341______________________
Major: Finance/Business Administration_______

Faculty Supervisor: _Dr.Jobs_____________________

Credits: __3_____
Course #: _FN 454_____ Semester: fall / spring / summer Year: _Senior _____
Company/Organization: _Transamerica Agency Network, Inc.___________________________________

Employer representative / student's supervisor completing this form:
Name: Yohannes Worku___________________________ Title: District Manager_____________________
Phone: 717-398-6646______________


Instructions: Identify five learning objectives that you plan to accomplish during your internship work term. The objectives should indicate skills and knowledge you will gain as a result of your internship experience. Objectives should be specific, measurable, realistic and achievable. Together you and your supervisor should create an action plan to achieve each objective. Your supervisor will also identify what your responsibilities and assignments will be while at work.
Lastly, discuss with your faculty supervisor how you will be evaluated. Return this form, completed, to the Career
Development Center by the third week of your work term.

Student Learning Objectives:
1. Increase industry awareness _____________________________________________________________________
Action Plan: Gain knowledge from my two mentors, asking questions, attending training sessions. ________________

2. Enhance Communication Skills___________________________________________________________________
Action Plan: Become a good listener, tailor my presentation specific to my prospect, ask questions and give all my attention to the person I’m speaking to. _________________________________________________________________

3. Enhance time management/organization ability. ______________________________________________________
Action Plan: Outline my weekly activities related to work and school. Outline my weekly goals as well and mark them off as I complete them.

4. _ Enhance public speaking/presentation skills ________________________________________________________
Action Plan: _Devote time to practicing my presentation to family/coworkers, take notes when watching my mentors during their presentations and sit in during co-worker sales appointment. _____________________________________

5. _Enhance entrepreneurial/Innovational ability ________________________________________________________
Action Plan: _Share my input on current situations or methods of action. Voice my opinion and recommend changes if I find a more practical method. ________________________________________________________________________

For Employers to Complete:
Career Development Center Internship Program

Student Learning Contract

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Employer / supervisor's comments regarding the learning objectives and action plans:

To increase insight of the financial services industry, to learn proven sales and marketing techniques, gain knowledge
in prospecting and client development, expand knowledge of the financial needs analysis process, learn how to make