Examples Of Writing Resumes

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A resume, curriculum vitae or personal data sheet is a document to provide information to future employers. It creates an impression about you. The object of a resume is not to get you the job, but get you an interview.

Your resume should show your employment history, skills, talents, experiences you’ve had in your working career. Your resume should always:

✓ be kept up-to-date ✓ be typed on A4 paper in ‘reader friendly’ print ✓ contain no slang or spelling mistakes ✓ be specific and concise ✓ be presented in a folder ✓ contain NO photos

What a resume should contain: (Add your own personality to it)

➢ NAME – full name, surname in CAPITALS ➢ ADDRESS – full address, including postcode ➢ PHONE NUMBER – include mobile ➢ EMAIL – Use a contact that is appropriate and more formal ➢ DATE OF BIRTH – In full, eg 7th April 1977 ➢ EDUCATIONAL DETAILS – List details of your latest educational qualifications – eg for school leavers, where you attended high school and in what years. List the results of your School Certificate or latest report card – subjects studied, level of achievement, attitude etc. List any school academic prizes that you have won. ➢ OTHER COURSES – List the details of any further education – what, where, when – eg any TAFE/trade courses? Any special certificates such as First Aid? ➢ WORK EXPERIENCE - In this section, list the type of jobs done, and the location of all places you’ve worked at in your holidays, part-time, or casually or any school Work Experience Program, and when. ➢ INTERESTS & HOBBIES - List some of your leisure time activities to give the employer some idea of what you are like. Make sure that you don’t list things about which you know very little – you may get caught out! Don’t say you like watching T.V. or other equally ‘useless’ pastimes. Mention any special skills you may have – good at public speaking, art, soccer team, etc. Try to pick those personal interests which may be relevant to the job you are applying for. ➢ REFEREES - In this section, list the names, title and address of the people who have said they will act as a referee for you. You could just simply say, “References can be supplied upon request” making sure that you can.

At an interview be prepared to answer questions about the information in your resume. It is worth taking a copy with you to refer to.

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