Essay on Experiment 8 Limiting Reactant

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(Experiment #8)

CHM 1045L

Lucy Garcia

Misturah Abdulkareem,

Alexander Gonzalez,

Oluseun Fajimolu

Dr. Abuzar Kabir


The purpose of this lab was to determine the limiting reactant in a mixture of to soluble salts and the percent composition of each substance in a salt mixture.


First, we were to measure and record the mass of a beaker, then transfer about 1 gram of the salt mixture into the beaker, measure, and record the combined mass. Then, we had to fill a 400-ml beaker with deionized water and test it to make sure that the ph was just basic. We then combined the deionized water and salt by adding about 150ml of the deionized
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In order to obtain the most accurate amount of precipitate one must also use a fine-porosity filter paper to reduce the amount of precipitate that passes through the filter. When transferring the precipitate into the filter, it is important not to allow the flow of the liquid to supersede the rim of the filter paper within the filter funnel, otherwise some product may be lost in the filtering process.


We were able to identify the limiting and excess reactant in the mixture of the two soluble salts. Our salts were CaCl2*2H2o/K2C2O4*H2O. When we tested for excess C2O42- in test tube 1, no precipitation formed. When we tested for excess Ca2+ , precipitate did form. Therefore, we concluded that our limiting reactant in the salt mixture was K2C2O4*H2O and our excess reactant in the salt mixture was CaCl2*2H2O. We further found that the percent of the limiting reacting in the salt mixture was 34.6% in trial 1 and 17.6% in trial 2. This information lead us into finding the percent excess reactant in the salt mixture which was 65.4% in trial 1 and 82.4 % in trial two. I believe that we may improve the results obtained by using a finer porosity filter paper, other than the one used, and a vacuum filtering apparatus. This would shorten the filtering time and with the aid of a finer porosity filter, we can still obtain accurate results. If