Ezekiel 33 Lamentations 2 3 Essay

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Cydney Biergans
Ezekiel 33, Lamentations 2­3
God told the son of man to appoint a watchman who should blow a horn if he sees sword come against the land. If someone hears but doesn't leave it’s his own fault. If the watchman doesn't blow the horn all who died’s blood is on his hands. Son of man is the watchman for the house of israel and when the son doesn't tell the wicked man to change his ways he will die and it will be the son’s fault. But if the son warns him and he doesn't turn then he will die and it will be his own fault, but the son saves himself. God told the son to go to the house of israel and tell them to change their ways. if they don't they will die and god takes no pleasure in that. The wicked man can be saved and live if he changes his ways, pays back the money gives back the stolen items, follows the decree of life, and does no evil. If the righteous man turns to wicked ways he will die. The house of israel said the lord is not just, he said he’d be judging everyone according to their ways.
A man who escaped from jerusalem proclaimed’ the city had fallen’ the son had the hand of god on him. he said to the escaped man since you eat meat with blood in it go to your idols and shed blood and see if they give you the land. You rely on your sword and defile your neighbor's wife. why do you deserve the land? As surely as god lives those who are left in the city will fall by the sword. those who have escaped will become wild animals food and the other will die in a cave of the plaque. The lord made the land waste and moved the mountains so none could go there again because of the wickedness there. But son tell the people to come and hear the lords message the people will listen but will have greed in their heart and…