FIDM Personal Statement

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Taking fabric and turning it into a work of art brings me more joy than most of my hobbies, it didn’t take much thought for me to decide that I wanted to do this for the remainder of my life. Among making clothing and fashion accessories I also like to spend my time learning hand-to-hand combat, writing music, painting and sketching abstract images or looking throughout Orlando trying to find some more inspiration for my fashion designs. My reasons for applying to FIDM are so that I can experience a new environment, to pursue my ambitions as a successful fashion designer, and to make a name for myself in the world’s most expressive fine art. Whenever I design a new outfit, I not only try to make sure that the comfort appeals to myself, but to the consumer as well. The expression of color on each of my designs is specifically made in order to attract the consumer’s eye and act as an effective catalyst for human emotion. I want to become a fashion designer because I believe that clothing can be more than just fabric that covers skin: a red dress can express the feelings of happiness that are associated with the color, and a white dress worn by a bride can symbolize a new beginning for the newlywed couple and their families. Fashion design is an expressive art form that …show more content…
Starting off my first year in college with full focus on my career would give me a huge advantage in the fashion industry and hopefully expose me to new aspects of fashion that would give me new perspective on how to create my designs while taking my first steps into the fashion industry. I hope that I’ll be able to collaborate with other aspiring fashion designers while sharing my ideas with the FIDM community. While attending FIDM, I’ll commit myself as much as possible to every opportunity given to me and use the information and skills I’ll learn to create and successfully run my own