Essay about Factors That Affect the Rate of Reaction of Peroxidase

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Factors that Affect the Rate of Reaction of Peroxidase

To determine the effect of various factors on the rate of reaction between an enzyme and its substrate, and also to determine the optimal ranges under which the enzyme activity is maximized. Also to determine whether saline and alcohol are inhibitors or activators

PH factor prediction: I predict that as the pH increases so the activity of the enzyme will increase until it reaches optimum pH range (pH 7) because the enzyme is less denatured when it reaches the preferred pH level, and after this it will decrease because the active site will change in shape and it will no longer accept substrates.

Temperature factor prediction: I predict as the temperature
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Without creating this action, it would be hard to see the effect of enzymes on the decomposition of peroxide. It’s to create this reference point to see how it decomposes before any enzymatic reaction and after.

Inquiry skills (data management):

Figure 1: Qualitative observation scale of Peroxidase-catalyzed peroxide decomposition

Temperature factor (10 °C):
|Quantitative Datum (action)- (time in seconds) |Qualitative Datum (action) -(extent of bubbling) |
|10 |0 |