Essay on Peroxidase

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In a 1-2 page report, address the following. The first part of your report is the Results section of a scientific paper. In this section, present the results of your experiment without any interpretation. Be sure to adequately answer the following questions:

How did the rate of the reaction change as you changed each of the three variables?

If you vary the temperature, after a certain temperature, the enzymes will become denatured and then the rate will decrease.

Each enzyme functions at an optimum pH.

Well according to the graph, you see that the enzyme did not function at all when boiled which can be explained by the fact that it got denatured. Denaturing means the secondary and tertiary structure of the enzyme
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If you reject your alternative hypotheses, explain why you think your results differed from what you hypothesized (include possible sources of experimental error and whether you think you made a mistake in your initial hypotheses).

My original hypothesis was, by increasing the temperature of the fluid, it would change the reaction rate. As seen in the graphs and the data I collected from lab, it appeared that under the label for four degrees Celsius and thirty-two degrees Celsius, there was no action happening. An enzyme’s job is to speed up a reaction by lowering the amount of energy needed to put in. As you increase the temperature of a sample, the reaction should go faster, up until it reaches the optimal temperature for the enzyme activity. After it reaches the optimal temperature, the activity starts to go back down. While I expected to see a bell curve with temperature increase rise in reaction rate, instead I saw a drop at the thirty-two degree Celsius. This drop of activity may have been caused by something foreign in the test tube such as soap after rinsing it off from a previous usage. Also any possible errors could be due to missing or a surplus of a fluid needed.
For my alternative hypothesis on pH, I accepted my hypothesis, however; I believe there were some possible errors in the temperature part leading me