Fahrenheit 451: An Analysis

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Fahrenheit 451 is a dystopian novel that has a controlling government. In

this book, books are illegal and are being burned so everyone has an equal

amount of knowledge. As we saw in the video, during WWII they has book

burning sessions to burn all knowledge of anything that was not the “German

standard", and not their way of thinking.

Fahrenheit 451 relates to WWII in many way. When you think about

WWII you remember the destruction and the corrupt government controlling

the people. As we read Fahrenheit 451 we can see that they are being

controlled by a society that wants people to be equal. They are similar in that

way, seeing how people were burning books for their controlling government.

Not because it was their idea,
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It did teach us that there is

no perfect society. It taught us that this is something that cannot and wont

happen again because we will learn from their awful mistakes. I feel that in

F451 Montag is the person who is going to end the horrible time. He is going

to be the one to show everyone that burning books makes it a less “perfect”


As I said before I feel this time period was corrupt but it taught us a

lesson. I am thinking like this because it was such a horrific event in our

history that we can look at it in a new perspective. You can learn from the

book burning and see how it didn’t help society at all. It actually hurt it quite

a bit.

WWII burned books, Fahrenheit 451 burned books. Both societies did it

to become “Perfect” but as we can see there is no such thing as a perfect

society. One way or another it is corrupt. WWII had a corrupt leadership, and

F451 had a corrupt idea. That made it progress into a horrible life style.

In conclusion F451 and WWII were very similar even though the time

periods were different they both did what they did for the idea of a perfect

society, which they will both come/came to find out cant