Essay on Fair Housing

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Fair housing Laws

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September, 2006

You would think that today’s society would not discriminate against someone based on their race, color, or national origin. With the changes in lifestyle, people continue to discriminate against those, but also someone’s sexual orientation. Even with laws and regulations, it continues in all parts of the country. The Civil Rights Act of 1964, more specifically Title VI, stated that you could not discriminate against anyone in programs and activities receiving federal
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Some apartments do allow pets, but have limitations on size or breed of the animal. When a service animal is needed, they do not have to follow this standard. To allow the animal in the complex, they have to provide paperwork to the easing agent. Some of this paperwork includes a request in writing to accommodate the disability of the tenant. In this letter, it is not necessary to state what the disability is (King County, 2003). If there is a strict “no pets” policy and the landlord has proof of the tenants disability, and a need of a service animal, it is required that the tenant can have the pet. Every landlord can state that there are certain rules that must be followed. These can be anything from keeping the animal on a leash, making sure that the animal is cleaned up after, or limitations of the animal in common areas. The accommodations must be reasonable and allow the person to be treated like any other tenant. Ages of applicants can also be discriminated against. If a family applies for a rental property, they cannot be discriminated against if they have children. It is illegal for any landlord or leasing company to prohibit children on the property. They are able to post signs in certain areas stating that parents or guardians should be present, but they can’t say that they are not allowed. There may be reason they do not want children to run around and destroy the property, but they can set some rules, notify