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Perfect Life

The crime of stealing a baby by Henrietta was out of love instead of Emma Jean’s crime of distorting one, and it was selfish of Emma Jean to turn a boy into a girl just because she wanted to have one of her own. Henrietta took the baby because she knew that it will be better for the baby to be with her than the father who didn’t want it? Meanwhile Emma Jean changed a boy to girl just because she wanted a girl of her own who she can give everything that her mother couldn’t give her. Henrietta’s crime of stealing a baby was the only way to save the child because there was nobody that would provide for the baby more than her. I don’t think that Henrietta did anything bad because she cared for the baby more than anyone and the baby is the only one her sister left behind before she died.
I disagree that in Henrietta’s crime of stealing the baby is just as bad as Emma jean’s crime of distorting one because she knows what is best for the baby. She can provide more for the baby and keep her safer than anyone. Because nobody would want the baby, even the father didn’t want her. The baby is the last person that her sister left before she died while giving birth to the baby. In the novel, Perfect Peace the father wanted a boy not a girl because he wanted someone to carry his name.
I do not agree with Emma Jean’s actions because what she did will forever change the child’s life, and he will have to live with it for the rest of his life. Trying to change a child gender is impossible because whatever she tries will come back and hunt her down for the rest of her life. The confusion she will cause will affect everybody she knows mostly her family. Trying to keep up with all the lies she has told to keep up with the secret of her