Family and Native Indian Language Essay examples

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Cesar and his family speak spanish and Chichi, their native Indian language. He has two sisters, a mom, and his grandmother. His sisters; Anna Elizabeth, and Analina. Anna is a student, and Analina is a substitute teacher who teaches Language. Other than his sisters, his mom works at the pharmacy and unfortunately, is widowed. Cesar’s grandmother grows corn and other foods. While his family mostly works, Ceasar goes to school and tries to help out with his family.

2. Why is the market so important in their city?
In their city, the economy is highly supported by the market, and so are many families.
3. What is the major craft of Guatemala?
The primary crafts done in Guatemala is embroidery and weaving cloth.
4. What type of school does Cesar attend? What are the courses offered there?
The school Cesar attends is a vocational school. Here they learn many job techniques and the courses offered there are electrical work, wood working, and sewing.
5. How does Cesar generally spend his time outside of school?
Every week he goes to a counseling session, on the weekends he walks to his grandma’s house, reading, and playing basketball.
6. What foods do he and his family eat a lot of?
His family eat a lot of tortillas and beans, which is practically a staple in Guatemala.
7. Describe what they do to prepare for Carnival in their city?
To prepare for Carnival, his family create and decorate many festival eggs that they sell at the store and at booths.

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