Essay on Family and Older family Members

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Group Task: Complete the following table in your groups based on your allocated character relationship from your core text ‘Inheritance’:

Relationship | Describe the Relationship(Type & Kind) | Characteristics & Influencing factors on this relationship | Evidence from text(Quote & Page No.) | Technique & Effect on meaning | THEME & Link to CONCEPT of Relationships | - Example:The Hamilton’s and the Delaney’s | TYPE:Extended Family RelationshipKIND:Strained/Dysfunctional- The Hamiltons own the land which the Delaney’s work a farm on. Both families are rivaling over inheritance of the land & farm. | - Lack of understanding and acceptance - Lack of connection & communication- Tension due to differences in locations, values, beliefs & attitudes- Physical separation / distance-Disagreements in the inheritance of the land/farm | William: “Maureen, what’s this got to do with you? …it’s my familys farm”Maureen: “Mate, the land belongs to the people who work it...” (pg32)- Maureen: “I wouldn’t put it past Farley to leave the farm to him (N). He’s gone soft in the head”. (pg38)- Dibs: “This is not Farley’s farm. This is my farm. And I will decide how it’s to be operated from now on” (pg75) | - Rhetorical Question is used by William to get the audience to reflect on the situation between the families and encourage thought about the inheritance of the land/farm.- High modality and Imperative language is used by Maureen and Dibs to emphasise their strong views towards the issue of inheritance between the families | THEMES: - Conflict - Family rivalry- Greed- Inheritance/disinheritanceCONCEPTS:Differences in values, beliefs and attitudes, which are often the result of differences in locations and lifestyles, can lead to conflict