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Tropical fish catching In the fabulous month in June my grandparents had a great idea to go to Cancun for two weeks. And as days past it was time to pack up and wait to go to O’Hare airport. Then three hours or so pass I’m tired I’m really hot from the blazing sun of Cancun I don’t want to get of the plan but I could sleep in the condo my grandpa has. We arrive at the condo but I’m not that tired so I feel like going by the pool. Later that evening we are hungry so we get in the car and drive to a seafood restaurant by the lagoon to swim and this is where my uncle Tony, my brother Junior, and my cousin Isaack and I encounter the hardest and dumbest thing ever. As we waiting for the food we got bored and there was a lot of fish and we wanted to catch one. So when in the water we found a black fish with a nice orange strip we all thought wow what a tropical fish. So we have snorkeling gear the bag the snorkeling gear was in and a PVC pipe to catch the fish. So we have the fish trapped ready to catch it so I take a breather and try to think of an idea on how to catch the fish I came up with the idea to scare it into the pvc pipe and go in the bag then we put in a plastic cup and took pictures with it because we all felt accomplished. So when we got out of the water to go eat our lips and mouth were so dry from the salt in the water that I was able to drink to Gatorades and a bottle of water to hydrate my mouth again. So after a tiring day of trying to catch the…