Essay on Family and Weary Eyes

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“Come on Neville, it’s time for your bath”
“I can do it myself thank you!”
“Okay but if you need my assistance I’ll leave this buzzer right here”
Who ever knew that it was such a struggle for your family to come and see the father, the grandfather of 3 generations when you only live 10 minutes away. Obviously my time has run out. Maybe my family will finally miss me when I’m gone.

As he sleuthed his way into the porcelain grave that he avoided for the last 2 years, his skin unravelled as the water pulsed onto his body like the almost invisible blood that ran through his body. Neville cleansed himself with the dirt rotten sponge and slowly seeped into what seemed an abyss. As he grabbed the 240 volt electric razor and slid the button to on a distressed scream came from the open doorway…
As John slowly trudged his Father out the emergency entry and into the disabled patron’s vehicle, a sense of dishonesty flew straight through John’s ears and out the other side.
“Dad I promise we’ll visit you more! In fact I’ve got the whole family coming in on Monday when I drop you back off, how does that sound?”
“It sounds like you should get out more often, John.”

The drive back to ‘Dappled Oaks Retirement Village’ seemed too serious. Wind vacuumed into my window and as I gazed into the outside world I remembered my previous life. Life without cares, struggles and problems.

As the van parked in the middle of the entrance of the window barred ‘Home’ I was guided out of the vehicle and placed in my wheelchair. Electric doors open and all around are pictures of fake humans plastered across the walls smiling, overshadowing their true guilt of what lies beneath the walls of a polished domain.
“I’ll be back in 2 hours dad, I just have to go and collect the family” John, dressed as casually as a white collar should, hopped in the van, wound up the window and raced off into the distance.

The leisure area loomed with bright faces and I felt untrue to myself to not join in on the said activities. Everyone looked the same, worked the same way and did the same dreary task of ticking off numbered boxes to win a meat raffle for a family that didn’t care. All of which I didn’t attend to, and never planned on doing.
“Hey, excuse me” I murmured to the doctor wheeling me to the lounges.
“Yes Mr. Thompson what can I do for you?”
“I was wondering if you could just go and retrieve a book of mine please, it’s leather bound and with gold writing on my bedside table”
“How about you go and play bingo with the other seniors? Maybe you’ll enjoy that more”
“Well considering I never win and I complain a lot I’m not very wanted at those tables.”
“I’ll be back in a couple of minutes then, Neville…”
The doctor came back with a high and mighty grin of a school boy and handed me the book.
“That’s all thanks… Jim” As I squinted at his name badge.

The gold trimmed spectacles rested gently on his weary eyes and began to form the words into his brain when a shadow stood over his slouched body.
A lady, not too much younger than myself, with luscious long silver locks, floral dress and grey cardigan stood timelessly in front of me.
In a British accent she weaved a string of beautiful words