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Every family has their different way how to treat their family, by showing their love or sometimes they use the hard way to show it. Those times together with our family are always going to be the precious time for each of us. We may have some hard times with our family, we fight with each other, argue to one another, insult, or even punch each other; but when it comes to love, our family has an endless love for us. Without them we may be a different person, because they are the one that make us who we are now.
According to Goodman, basically she said that even though we argue with each other but we also take for each other. She also mentioned there is two parts of us in our family, which is the “we” and the “I”. We are all “raised in families … to be individuals” (Goodman, 4). They taught us everything, how to survive in this cruel world. We always come back to our family in the hardest moment of our lives, and surprisingly they will not bring us down. We make mistakes and some people will not forgive us, but family will. Once I read: Boyfriend, Girlfriend, and Friend all of them has an “end” but family has “ily” which means “I love you” and we should believe in that, nobody will treat us as good as our family will ever do.
Furthermore, the “we” and the “I” are really obvious. The “we” is when we are together, for example on holiday when we eat together, laugh together, just having a moment of our life. We “ruthlessly compete with each other” but yet we work together that is what family for. We learn together, we kindly tell each other how to become the good “I”. When we become the “I” outside our family, we work alone. It will show you how well your family taught you to be a good individualism, how honest, independent, responsible, kind of person you are. That is the best legacy that you will ever use to compete in this world.
However, some families may treat their family the way that they hate. They hate their family. Some people are just way too careless, that is why that could happen. Every problem has its solution, if just those people would see the positive side and willing to apologize; it would turn out they way the want it to be. Argue and have a different opinion