Family: Family and Census Bureau Essay

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Trying to define what family means is a hard work. Everyone has his own point of view depending of their own experiences. The Journal of Marriage and Family define family as a relationship by blood, marriage, or affection.
It has been showed that family now a day in our modern society has changed the roles and responsibilities. Now we see more families broke, I think the stress in our lives has a lot of impact in this topic, because parents are worried more about the bills than their own child. The problem is there because the kids look the attention that their parent does not give them in other places. Parents are not more able to have a happy life at home and at work. Is true that the meaning of family has changed but some values as a love will never change. I also think that the media has a lot of impact on this because kids and even parents prefer to stay watching the TV or navigating on internet instead to have a little of family time.
I think to have a family is important to have at least a Man and a Woman. This is important more when they have kids because the kids need a maternal and paternal figure. Children can potentially benefit from living with a cohabiting partner when resources are shared with family members. I think a child always will have better socialization and also academic outcomes when he is raised with a complete family. Also we can see other cases in particular like: Cohabiting biological fathers spend less time in activities with their children than do married fathers, although they tend to spend more time with and are more supportive of their children than unmarried fathers who do not live with their children. Male cohabiting partners spend less time in children’s organized activities, such as a school and community activities, than do married stepfathers or biological fathers. Children who live with their mother and her unmarried partner have poorer school performance and exhibit more behavioral problems than do children who live solely with a single mother, with a mother and stepfather, or with two biological parents. Finally, cohabiting families spend their money differently than do married-parent families, divorced single-parent families, or never-married single-parent families. For example, compared to married families, cohabiting families spend a greater amount of money on alcohol and tobacco and a smaller amount of money on education.
People have to be legally related to be family just for the government because to