Essay on Family: Family and Mere Facial Expressions

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Family Many people wonder what kind of animal they would be if they had a choice. We all have wished or imagined at some point being an animal, whether as an escape or just plain fantasy as a kid. People have imagined being all kinds of animals, especially birds that can soar. This is happens to be more common as it is known that flying whether dreaming or imagining it has to do with being free. Not just to be free as in the feel of flying, escaping Earthly issues that may be the cause of stress in one’s life or what not. I suppose I have an animal also, one that makes me feel like it’d be great to be within my own depth of perception. It would have to be an animal that is very family oriented, cunning, brave, and loyal. Something that is not only beautiful from the sight of it, but also feared when shown that it is mad to back off and leave it alone. It would have to describe me as who I am now, with the exception that I don’t have to pay taxes or need a boss. Family comes first for this animal for it is a traveler of nuclear families. A nuclear family means that it runs only with its mate until their children are born. After the children are born they do not leave the group, they become a part of it making the group even bigger. That just makes our group that much more dangerous for our enemies or prey. They are organized and synchronized, and we move with swiftness and calls like wild Indians that send shivers down our preys backs. They are cunning; in a sense that if you think you can out smart one another might catch your trick and tell your tale. Smart enough that they understand each by mere facial expressions or stances. Everyone in the group knows who the leader is just by how everyone in the group shows their submissiveness and respect. There is a mutual understanding of the language, and there are no confusions only direction. They only really need to watch out for two things, and that’s humans and tigers. That isn’t the only way they communicate, they make a sound in a certain way that can