Family In Antigone

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Although Antigone, takes place in Ancient Athens, the play is capable of being modernized in a manner that satisfies today’s society thirst for entertainment. There are various universal themes embedded in Antigone that are still applicable to modern day society. Family and power are common themes that are not only established in the play but can also be translated into themes that arise today in various novels, poems, or movies. From many centuries ago to present day society, family is portrayed as an essential aspect in our daily lives. Evidently, the idea of family typically fulfills the number one priority role. This can be seen as a universal truth through many circumstances in modern day society. In some scenarios, power is delegated …show more content…
The mafia captures two brothers, keeping them as prisoners. Held against their will, the two brothers beg for their lives to be spared as the mafia drops the brothers onto the floor of their headquarters. Laughing in their face, the mafia proposes that one brother may live and join the mafia, however the other brother must die. To determine their fate, the mafia forces the brothers to battle for their survival. Meanwhile, an ex-member of the mafia warns Agatha and Isabella, the two sisters of the brothers, about their brother’s whereabouts. Agatha, filled with determination, ventures off alone to save her brothers from the mafia, however, it was too late as she finds both of her brothers, dead on the cold cement floor of the headquarters. As she runs to carry her dead brothers’ bodies out of the building, the mafia members makes an appearance once again, this time with a new proposition for Agatha. The new proposition stated that Agatha must choose between either joining their ruthless mafia or choosing which brother is the most honorable to rescue and which brother was the most despicable to be left in the hands of the mafia. In the end of this emotion filled journey, Agatha, too stubborn to leave with only one dead brother in her arms, declines the position in the most powerful mafia in society and claims that she will rescue both of her dead brothers, thus unfortunately leading to her