Creon As A Character Foil In Antigone

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In the ancient tragedy, Antigone, the play contains lots of conflicts. Many foils are presented throughout the play. Antigone acts as a character foil for Creon by showing how Creon is fractious. Their conflict helps develop the theme by showing that everyone believes something different. Antigone helps develop Creon as a tragic hero by showing how he is remiss in being king. To begin, Antigone acts as a character foil for Creon because it shows that he is a fractious person. Creon states, “ Then go down to the dead. If you must love, love them” (lines 599-600). Creon is mad because Antigone buried her brother, Polyneices, which was against the law. He is going to kill her for doing what she thought was right. Creon does not even care that