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How My Family has Influenced My Life
Like Buddha said,” thousands of candles can be like from one single candle.” I believe that everyone has someone (like one candle) who has influenced her/his life in many areas. I also believe that family does play a major role in the way we behave in society. As for me, as i grow up, I learn many thing from my family that are beneficial to my society. Growing up in my family has influenced tree significant ways; not only my personality but also my educational achievement and my respect for my culture and other culture.
The first significant way that influenced my life by growing up with my family is my personality. My kindness to the other people, good manners, confident, independent, and determined in my goals are some of the principles my parent have implanted me as I grew up. For instance, my mother is very kind and careful when she talk to the other people. She always told me not to speak hard words to the other people. Moreover, one day, when I was about eight years old, my father, a very generous person, called me in his room and said to me ,”daughter, as you live in every day, don’t be like a Grub Hoes, but try to be like a Shovel.” At that moment, I didn’t really understand what he was talking about. Then he explained,” the Grub Hoe always take the ground to its side, but the Shovel always take and give the ground a way.” After that I understood what his words mean. He told me not to be selfish, but try to be kind and generous person who help the other people. Although it has been twelve years, my father’s words are still alive in my heart. So that, I always try to be positive and generous person as much as I can.
Another significant way that influenced my life is my educational achievement. Even though my parents are not rich, they care about education for their children. For example, my parents let my brother and I studied in boarding school which is four time more expensive than public school, located in the capital city of Myanmar, Yangon. Unlike United Stated, My country, Myanmar don’t have good education system. Even though there are public school, the cost are still expensive for most families from small town and villages. So, lots of young people give up their education. Moreover, when I came to United State, I have to study harder in order to set an example for my three younger brother. For instance, I started working full time in my high school years in order to save money for my college, but as the same time, I tried my best to get a good grade and achieved honor roll in every months. At the result, I gained jobs experiences in my high