Federal Emergency Management (FEMA)

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Federal agencies were created to oversee specific areas or aspects of the government's responsibility to its citizens. Federal agencies also do specific jobs that the government has promised to perform. As the role of government and the needs of people and society have changed, new agencies have been established.

You will choose one federal agency to discuss in an informative essay. You should do outside research and write an essay on the structure of the agency and its function.


Federal Emergency Management

The history of Federal Emergency Management goes all the way back to over 200 years ago. However, FEMA was founded in 1979 through the merging of several disaster related organizations such
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For instance, all work under FEMA to ensure service delivery to Americans in an efficient and timely manner. This ensures also by supporting and supplementing each other. Secondly, each agency is tasked with different independent roles and responsibilities in management of disasters to ensure that there is no conflict in delivery of services to the people. Thirdly, one director appointed by the president governs them. This director acts as a unifying factor and ensures good relations between different agencies through proper condition of various activities. Lastly, the common relation that exists between these different agencies is the need to provide efficient services to Americans who are affected by disasters. This organization is the best because it helps people in many ways, but also makes you feel as you are cared for no matter what happen's. Any disaster, man made or natural, they are just one call …show more content…
Consequently, over the years, they have proved to be a useful tool in dealing with disasters such as terror, earthquakes, floods, storms, and fire. However, they have faced various challenges such as being condemned for being slow in dealing with disasters and low funding. .Although considerable changes have been implemented to improve the effectiveness of the agency, the Government Accountability Office has continued to find shortcomings. In just the first two months of 2008, four GAO reports were issued pointing out problems with there programs to provide adequate mental health counseling to disaster victims; improve coordination between government agencies,non-profits and provide emergency transit assistance during disasters; and better manage disaster-related resources. They remains a vital organ in times of