Federalist Papers

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American Federal Government 03/12/2009 Federalist Papers

The Federalist Papers were written in the 1780’s by James Madison and Alexander Hamilton and most of them are addressed to the “People of the State of New York.” The purpose of the Federalist Papers was to set up a new constitution by which the county could govern. Article 1 of the Federalist Papers was written by Alexander Hamilton and it is considered the general introduction of the Federalist Papers. In the first article Hamilton discussed all of the negative parts of the current government. He also lets the people know and stresses how important a new government is. A lot of people did not agree with what Hamilton had to say about the new Constitution because they felt that the country was too large to be under the rule of government. Alexander Hamilton believed that the nation could be a country of power and strength and possibly someday become a world power. Article 10 of the Federalist Papers is known to be the most famous of all of the Federalist Papers. Madison states that Article 10 is one of the strongest arguments. In Article10 is discussed that it can establish a government capable of stopping the violence and damages people who gather together to protect and promote their own economic interest can cause. To Madison there are only two ways to control these people: one way was to remove its causes to protect their interests, and two was to control the effects that it might have on the American public if they were able to promote their special interests. “If not controlled it could destroy liberty, and destroying liberty is a cure worse than the disease itself.” Article 23 of the Federalist Papers is written by Alexander Hamilton on Tuesday, December 18, 1787. Discussed in Article 23 is the necessity of government. Hamilton points out three main points in this particular article. The first point is what the government should provide; the second is the amount of power necessary to carry out the governmental positions and the third point being who in the government should do this. In answering the first point Hamilton states that the principle purpose of the Union is the common defense of the members, the preservation of public peace, the regulation of commerce, and the conducting of foreign affairs. To create a common defense, we the peop0le would have to be able to raise armies, to build and equip fleets, and to create rules for the government of both the armies and fleets. At the end of Article 23 Hamilton continues on about the government having the power to pass all laws and make all regulations with out any complications. Article 26 discusses the military. In the article Alexander Hamilton talks about how the country should be able to raise and maintain a healthy and strong military that can provide the proper services the country needs. A small military had already been set up for the common defense, but a larger one needed to be established. Article 37 was written by James Madison on Friday 11, 1788. Madison starts this article out by clearly stating that a new government must be at least energetic and strong as the one proposed by Hamilton. Madison stresses to the readers of the article that they must carefully examine all of the defects of the existing government in place. The Founding Fathers believed that those who opposed the Constitution only briefly looked at Constitution’s contents, instead of going in depth. The people who agreed with the constitution were in favor for it, because they seen that the existing government was weak, and the country is in a serious situation. Madison really points out that the existing government is really weak, and if a new government isn’t set up soon, then the United States will be hurting for a long time. In Article 41, James Madison explains how powers need to be given out to the government, but only to a certain point. The powers can be