Female Genital Mutilation Research Paper

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A young girl enters a tent and is motioned to lie down not knowing what will be of the rest of her life. As she places her body on a table she examines her surroundings, rusty household tools lie to her side which had been used on the victims just before her. She can only imagine the screams of terror which must’ve escaped from these girls mouths and must silently pray for the best in her experience. As she is told to hold still and be quiet, a wave of pain hits her and finally it is gone. This young girl has now been circumcised and she is no longer a girl, she's now considered a “woman”. Female genital mutilation is an irreversible procedure done with no medical training or anesthesia involves the partial or total removal of the female external …show more content…
Female genital cutting is an inhuman ritual that must be banned. To many, FGM violates human rights and does not back up religious points, but to the woman from these communities withstanding the pain and health risks of the procedure is worth the continuation of culture and traditions that have existed for centuries.

Female genital mutilation takes place when a girl is very young, often under the age of 15 when she is vulnerable and unaware of the possible consequences. Often pressured by the beliefs and input of friends and family, the girls are often fed the wrong information that FGM is the honorable and moral thing to do. Often too young to comprehend what the procedure really entails impacts one's ability to make their own
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The shed of the blood during the procedure is seen as proof that women are capable to deal with difficult responsibilities as well as symbolizes the connection between oneself and their community. “When one considers that the practice does not prevail and is much condemned in countries like Saudi Arabia, the center of the Islamic world, it becomes clear that the notion that it is an Islamic practice is a false one" (Lockhat, n.d). The question many of us all ask: Is FGM really tied to religion? The answer is no. No religion scripts to this day prescribe the practice, but it is believed that the practice has some sort of religious support. The area which is removed during FGM is very sensitive with over 8000 sensory nerves, by removing such genitalia it helps to control the woman’s sexuality, a reason for many of those who practice the procedure. It is commonly believed that the clitrous is a poisonous organ, which when in contact with a man’s penis may bring sickness or death about him or may even eventually cause growth to the size of a man's penis (Taubia, 1995) . Women are told these feelings and experiences of pleasure are wrong and being sexual is considered devious and impure. Although some religious leaders condone the circumcision, some agree with its elimination, while the rest consider it irrelevant to religion all together, showing no direct link to