File Format and New Video Creation Essay

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My experience whilst working in this group was successful from the start and throughout, at the initial meeting we all had rather similar ideas as to how we wanted to make the video which was useful when we came to writing our script. Communication between us all was fluent and mostly done in person, although we had a Facebook ‘group’ set up for general questions and organising when and what we were doing.
I feel I have learnt a lot about time management and the need for an effective plan. By creating our own individual storyboards beforehand, it gave me a chance to picture what we could create as a group and then share some of my own ideas when we got together rather than all of us trying to think of something on the spot. We all contributed our ideas and made a script which again was useful throughout the whole recording process.
Filming the video was fun and relatively straightforward, one of our only problems here was to find people to interview but this was sorted accordingly. Whilst creating the actual video and putting it together we experienced problems with the file format. We initially wanted to create our video on iMovie on a mac but found it almost impossible to be able to make it work. We tried converting files into a different format through online converters but it would add watermarks to our video which was an issue. I then decided to try and make it work on Windows and managed to render all the clips we had into a movie of MPEG4 format so that they could be edited on the Mac software. We left this quite late and in hindsight, it was probably easier to have checked file formats as we went along rather than have this kind of problem happen to us right at the end of the project. It was lucky that I found a way to render the videos into a readable format without having watermarks in the end.
Another silly mistake I made was not checking that the video recorded properly. There was an incident where I had booked out the camera, recorded for a couple of hours and then when it came to uploading them to the computer I found out that they had no sound. Again, in hindsight this was very simple to avoid and we made sure that we ran a test video for all recordings from that point onwards and I learnt from our mistake.
I learnt…