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After watching the film “Crash” by Paul Haggis, I’ve come to realize that this movie is a perfect example to bring the attention of how racism is still present in society today. The film shows just how prejudice and racist the people of the world can be. In comparison to how society is now, I would most likely say it its true(I’ve witnessed it myself). You see people every day stereotyping while other live in one. This Film does a great job showing how people in our society, whether it be a civilian or a police officer, act towards people different from us, even though most people do not show it quite exaggerated like seen in the film. After watching the film “Crash” by Paul Haggis, I've come to realize several issues when it comes to race, class, and gender. Coming from a visual learner, I feel like after watching this film, I was better able un to understand the concepts of race, gender, and class better. Although its not something you see everyday, the film portrays many aspects of the stereotyping and racism that happens everyday. Personally, I have not experienced it in real life as exaggerated as it was shown in the movie and I really like how I got to see it happening as an everyday thing and how it affects the people around you. For example, the scene where the persians purchase a gun for safety, the gun shop owner blurs out racial comments about them because they were speaking their language. Assuming that they were arabs and terrorists, he did not want him in his store. They end up buying the gun but the daughter knowing that her father will act irrational with it she ends up getting blank bullets. This is a good example of the idea of “ for every action, there is a reaction. It shows the effect of your actions and how they have an effect on the society around you, and how you should be aware of the consequences of the decisions you make. A good example for this is when the Persians store got broken into and was completely trashed with graffiti all over the walls calling them Arabs with their products thrown all over the floor. The Persian store owner thinks it was the locksmith who he recently got into an argument with while replacing the lock on the door. So he takes his newly bought gun with him to the locksmith’s house with intentions of killing him at his home. As he pulls the trigger to fire upon the locksmith, the locksmith’s daughter jumps into his arms in attempts of saving her father from the bullet with the invisible cape he had gave her prior to the event in an earlier scene, making the Persian believe he just shot a little girl. No one actually dies but it makes everyone think a miracle occurred from the little girls selfless actions and her invisible cape, when in reality, the Persians daughter as mentioned before, earlier bought blanks, knowing her father might do something wrong with it. In this case the outcome was good, while most times it would be a bad one. One can see many stereotypes shown throughout this movie, such as “a Mexican who has no idea how to drive”, or “no one will want to sell a gun to an Arab”. Both of these examples are particularly aimed at a specific race. People automatically assume that since she is Mexican, she probably is not legal, and most likely can’t drive. Also since a man looks Arab, he is probably a Muslim extremist or terrorist and will use his new weapon to commit acts of terror. Which most likely is not the case, but it is how we humans think because it is implanted into us. I’d say it is mostly due to the media and