Film: Need and Target Audience Essay

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Now whom do you want to come and eat at the restaurant? Different audiences will watch your video with different tastes, different prejudices, different amounts, and different types of information. To communicate effectively, you must identify your target audience and address your video directly to it. My target audience for Luigi's Restaurant commercial would be directed towards adults and senior citizens rather than babies, toddlers, kids, and teenagers. It would aim towards adults and senior citizens because they are the percentile that usually have the money to be able to go out to a restaurant. Rather than babies who don't even know what going out to a restaurant means and toddlers, kids, and teenagers who don’t usually have jobs or make enough money to be able to go out to a restaurant. For your video to be successful your video must be carefully tailored for its target audience. Senior citizens and adults will probably appreciate a more straight forward, low pressure presentation. Rather kids, toddlers, and teenagers who would rather have a loud, frantic, and lively presentation. So my video is going to be a straight forward, low pressure video because I want to attract adults and senior citizens. Potential customers these people will decide whether they want to be a customer at Luigi's and if so, whether Luigi's is their best choice of restaurant. Spanish speaking customers some of these viewers speak Spanish rather than English. Once you