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Critical Review At first, watching
10 Things I Hate About You seems more entertaining than Shakespeare’s
Taming of the Shrew because it is more modernized. The love, relationships, and expectations of behavior is more understandable. However, Shakespeare would not approve this modern interpretation of his play. Shakespeare’s main point in his play is to show how Katherine has been tamed through Petruchio’s foolish actions, not romance.
10 Things I Hate About You is more of an entertainment for romantic comedy. The characters characteristics are quite accurate. Katherine and Kat are both mean, patriotic, and recluse. They do not mind what people think about them and how they differ from normal people. Bianca in the play and movie are both lovely and open­minded. Also at the end of the movie and play, she similates to Kat’s character of standing up for herself. Cameron as
Lucentio, is a new person in town and is in love with Bianca at first sight. He is willing to do whatever it takes to win Bianca’s heart like in the play. Michael as Tranio is Cameron’s best friend and is the mastermind. He plans out Cameron’s relationship with Bianca. Mr. Stratford plays the role of Baptista, but his character is more realistic for a modern father. He makes decisions for his daughters but unlike Baptista, he is very protective towards whom his daughter’s date. In the play, Baptista wants his daughters to get married and did not care about the characteristics of the men. Instead, he cared more about the wealth. He notices Petruchio’s unpleasant behavior but gives him his daughter’s hand because he is also rich. Mr. Stratford

infers that he does not care about the wealth, since he does not want Bianca to date Joey when he knows that he is rich through his car. Patrick acting as Petruchio is known as a tough jerk and is dating Kat for money, but he is more sweet. In the play, Petruchio is more foolish and tames
Katherine through rude and unpleasant actions. He dates her for her wealth and even if she knew about it, he did not care. Patrick on the contrary, acts sweet to change Kat. He sings for her, brings her out on dates, felt bad for dating Kat for money and bought her a guitar with Joey’s money to apologize. It is true that the characters are similar, but the plot differ. In the movie, Bianca cannot date if
Kat doesn’t. So Cameron uses Joey to pay Patrick to