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Final Case Study Assignment

All four people in this this case study resemble many college students. Some students have problems, which makes it hard for them to continue their education. Then, there are those who aren’t motivated enough to continue their education. Some students get involved in the wrong group, and others place little value on academics. Each person in this case study creates a picture of college students in the nation. Glenda is the one with the most responsibilities and problems in comparison to the others. She is under a lot of stress because she is a single mother without an established career. She has to take care of her two young children. In addition, she has to also pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. Another stressful aspect of her life is the court case with her boyfriend. She is under a lot of stress without much support. One behavioral risk factor is her frame of mind. For several years she has believed that she is not capable of pursuing her dreams, which makes defeating problems even harder. The positive change in this attitude is going to make her life better. She has to be determined about achieving her goal. Environmental risk factors are much more harder to control. She can’t really control her children’s health. She has to provide her children with care. The bad attitude of her boyfriend and his lack of support is also not in her control. As bad as this situation might seem, there is a campus resource that can help her out. She should enroll her two kids in the child development center. This way her kids will be given good care at a low cost. She should also talk to her counselor in order to figure out a schedule that allows her to be at school only as long as her children are at the center. Glenda’s case is very complicated, but getting help will surely make her life better. Bill is a careless kind of a student. He relies on his friend to help him commute instead of finding a more efficient of way of commuting. He seems lazy and doesn’t take charge of his life. His behavioral risk factor is his laziness. He doesn’t care about getting to class on time. The first major environmental risk factor is his unmotivated surrounding. He isn’t sure about what he wants to do and is only going to college because, “he’s heard that going to college will get him a better job.” There seems to be no major push in his environment forcing him to do well in college. The traffic is another major environmental risk factor affecting his time. The traffic is completely out of his control. The campus resource that can help him in getting to school is a bus pass. He should get a bus pass so he can save some money. He should plan his time wisely and find out when the bus arrives at the bus stop, so he can reach his class on time. Another resource that can help him out is the financial aid. He should apply for financial aid, so he can accumulate enough money to get a second-hand car. He could be qualified for the work-study program, which will provide him with more money. The money from the work can help pay for gas. A car would definitely help him out with commuting. There are ways in which Bill can come to Professor Hope’s class on time. It is up to him to make use of such ways. Taylor is following the usual trend of joining the fraternity. Joining the group helps with social aspect of college life, but it becomes a problem due to the all the partying. His first behavioral risk factor is that he is not very serious about college. His bad habits such partying and giving fun always priority are causing him to fall behind. The first environmental risk factor is the fraternities. He is tempted by the fun surrounding the group. Another environmental risk factor associated with the fraternities is the use of alcohol and other drugs. The best campus resource for him would be a counselor who can help him in becoming focused and help him achieve an MBA degree. This would be a good degree for him if