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Dusk Till Dawn Coffee – Project Plan
Team D
Major Schaffer- Project Manager
Project Team:
Jeisel Sandoval, Tram Pham, Anthony Robertson,
Aubrey Santillo, Peter Schueler
DeVry Universtity

Project Plan Memorandum 6
Project Charter 7
Mission/ Purpose 7
Objectives 8
Business Need 8
Project Manager and Stakeholders 8
Milestones 8
Budget 8
User Acceptance Criteria/Quality 8
High-Level Project Assumptions 8
High-Level Project Constraints 9
Exclusions and Boundaries 9
Major Risks 9
Project Scope Statement 10
Statement of Work—Project Description and 10
Project Product 10
Project Deliverables 10
Project Objectives 11
Project Assumptions 11
Project Constraints 11
Exclusions 11
Acceptance Criteria 11
Technical Requirements 12
Work Breakdown Structure 13
Gnatt Chart 1 13
Gantt Chart 2 14
Schedule Table 1 15
Network Diagram 16
Collapsed Network Diagram I 16
Network Diagram I 17
Network Diagram II 18
Resource Sheet I 19
Risk management Plan 20
Risk Identification 20
Risk Assessment 22
Risk management Analysis I 22
Risk Assessment Table I 23
Risk Response 24
Contingency Plans for the Two Highest Risks 25
First Highest Risk – Improper Business Location 25
Second Highest Risk – Delay in Certifications or Inspections 25
Risk Assessment Matrix 26
Resource Management Plan 27
Journal Activity 27
Project Summary 29
Project Resource Allocation 29
Summary 30
Resource Management Plan 31
Gantt Chart 32
Budget Report 38
Earned Value 39
New Entry table after leveling over allocations 40
Project Summary 41
Who Does What Report (page 2 of 3) 43
Who Does What Report (page 3 of 3) 44
Communication Plan Memorandum 45
Dust till Dawn Coffee – Communication Plan 46
General Information 46
Stakeholder List 46
Communication Plan 47
Method for Updating the Communication Plan 48
Existing Systems 48
Escalation Process 48

Project Plan Memorandum
To: Dr. Arnetra Arrington
CC: Project Stakeholders
From: Major Schaffer (Project Manager)
Date: 3/4/15
Re: Summarization of Communication Plan
Good Morning,

Dusk till Dawn Coffee will be a lounge like coffee shop that is eco-friendly and accommodating to students, businesses and families. In creating Dusk till Dawn Coffee we will need to communicate to sponsors, stakeholders and team members for the project to be successful.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding this memorandum or the attached communication plan, please contact Major Schaffer.

MAJOR M. SCHAFFER Project Manager, Dusk till Dawn Coffee

Project Charter
Project Name
Dusk till Dawn Coffee
Project Number

Project Manager
Major Schaffer

Major Schaffer, Jeisel Sandoval, Tram Pham, Anthony Robertson, Aubrey Santillo, Peter Schueler
Start Date:
Scheduled Completion Date:

Mission/ Purpose
Initiated by the project sponsors to produce an establishment that will give customers an excellent experience by providing a lounge-like environment where family, friends, workers, and students can work, socialize, study, or relax with an excellent cup of coffee and free internet 24/7.
We are creating a coffee lounge that will give our customers a place to enjoy while they work, study, socialize, or relax. The product is an enjoyable experience.
Our deliverables are:
The project charter
Identify Cost
Identify the duration of the project
Management Plan
Identify team members and their roles
Project Schedule
Outline the work package
Outline the time and resources
Requirements Review
Identify the materials needed for the project
Identify permits and licenses
Plan Execution
Execute the work packages
File for the permits and licenses

To create a lounge-like environment where people can enjoy. Make the environment spacious and family friendly. To have many different blends of coffee and other beverages for customers to enjoy. The establishment must be eco-friendly, child friendly and handicap accessible.