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This policy addresses the actions that must be taken by all Acme Inc. employees who have a company-issued laptop.
Procedures for Laptop Physical Security
Each employee provided with a laptop by Acme Inc. is responsible for the physical security of the laptop. All laptops acquired for or on behalf of Acme Inc. are deemed to be company property.
All employees will be issued a security cable and lock to secure their laptops. All employees must use a security cable to keep the laptop physically attached to an immovable object at all times. Employees will receive training and instructions on how to secure the laptop and will be required to complete this training prior to being assigned a laptop. If possible, employees must avoid leaving their laptops unattended in an automobile. If they must do so temporarily, the laptop must be placed in the trunk and secured with a security cable.
Employees must keep the key to the security cable in a safe but accessible place so that the cable to the laptop can be easily locked or unlocked.
Laptops that will not be used for several days or longer must be locked out of sight in a secure cabinet or safe.
Unauthorized software
Do not download, install or use unauthorized software programs.
Unauthorized software could introduce serious security vulnerabilities into the
Acme Inc. networks as well as affect the working of
Your laptop. Software packages that permit the computer to be „remote controlled‟ (e.g. PCAnywhere) and „hacking tools‟ (e.g. network sniffers and
Password crackers) are explicitly forbidden on Acme Inc. equipment unless they have been explicitly pre-authorized by the Director of IT for legitimate business purposes.
Virus protection of laptops
Viruses are a major threat to Acme Inc. and laptops are particularly vulnerable if their anti-virus software is not kept up-to-date. The antivirus software MUST be updated at least monthly. The easiest way of doing this is simply to log on to the Acme Inc. network for the automatic update process to run. If you cannot log on for some reason, contact the IT Help/Service Desk for advice on obtaining and installing anti-virus updates. Email