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Market Analysis and Financial Projections
Proposed 50-unit Wyndham Hotel
Miami Beach, Florida

Prepared for:
Ms. Concerned Client
First National Bank of Florida
One Blue Skies Avenue, Jacksonville, FL

December 2nd, 2014

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December 2nd, 2014

Ms. Concerned Client
First National Bank of Florida
One Blue Skies Avenue
Jacksonville, FL

The consultation for a proposed hotel of 50 guest rooms in Miami Beach, Florida subject to client's request and the commitment letter dated August 26th, 2014 has been successfully completed. The entire research and resulting recommendations are presented in this report based on market analysis and financial projections.

The results are basically concluded by the evaluation and research of the market lodging, site and area review as of the completion of the fieldwork and analysis on December 4th, 2014. In overall studies, the prediction of annual performance is primarily according to management efficiency with the assumption of minor change related to lodging market. Beside, it is noteworthy that the hotel performance statistics are based on assumptions.

Despite the limitation of statistics, M.I.C has effectively collected the reliable information available on the Internet and library, which makes the projected operating evaluation be fulfilled for feasibility.

It is clearly noted in the agreement that the research is conducted under the circumstances of neglecting government regulations and restrictions which fail to appear in the report.

M.I.C is honored to provide the service for your company. It is our obligation and pleasure to demonstrate further questions and details attached to the report if there is any.

Respectfully submitted
Draft – for discussion purpose only 12-02-2014

MIC Consulting Group

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Area and Neighborhood Review
When we talk about Florida, the first description comes to mind is “The sunshine state”. Florida is the 4th most populous, 22nd most extensive, and the 8th most densely populated of all the states. The culture in Florida is mixed with multiple inheritance, which includes European American, Native American, African American heritages and Hispanic.
The development of Florida economics prosperity was related to resort communities and hotels in the 1920s. Then since 20th century, construction, tourism industry, international banking, healthcare research, commercial space travel and etc. have deeply affected Florida’s development in economic. After 21th century, the tourism industry takes the largest part of the Florida’s economy because of hundreds of miles of beaches and warm weather which attract more than 60 million tourists to here every year.
The location is provide below:

From the map we can see that, our subject hotel is situated in the center of South Beach, which has increased tourism and a booming regional economy over the years. No matter during the daytime or at night, the entertainment section of the hotel will play the key role to pushing our business and also because of the “golden location”.

South Florida is the center of state’s economic development. It comprises the southernmost part of state, which is also one of Florida’s most common “directional” regions.
Infrastructure: this area’s infrastructure is very critical to its ability to develop and maintain the economy. The seaports and airports are critical components of the regional economy, which supporting international and domestic trade. The investment infrastructure is regarded an economic development activity which because it leads the region become more competitive by the