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2222HSL Marketing & Sales for Tourism and Hotels
Final Report

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Class 1

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Table of Content

Table of Content 2
1.0 Introduction 3
1.1 The importance of International Market Development 3
1.2 Purpose of the Report 3
1.3 Introduction for DMO NSW 3
1.4 Outline 3
2.0 Current experience category analysis 4
2.1 Identifies and Describes the Experience 4
2.2 Competitor Summarises 4
2.3 Marketing Implications Analysis 5
3.0 Customer Analysis 5
3.1 Segmentation and Target Market 5
3.2 Explanation of Potential Customer 6
4.0 Strategic Opportunity 7
4.1 Ansoff Growth Matrix Model 7
4.2 Diversification and New Experience 7
4.3 Connection between Diversification and New Experience 8
5.0 Integrated Communication Mix 8
5.1 Integrated Communication mix 8
5.2 Current Communication Item’s Strengths and Weaknesses 9
6.0 New Communication Item 9
Conclusion 10
Reference 11

1.0 Introduction
1.1 The importance of International Market Development
With the whole world has recovered from economic crisis, the importance of international tourism has never been emphasized this much. Not only it represents an industry but, the profits of international tourism can be numerous. According to the latest data of the Barometer of international tourism UNWTO, “in 2011 the number of international tourist arrivals grew by over 4% to 98 1 million”(Shayekina & Tashenova, 2012).

1.2 Purpose of the Report
The purpose of this report is to indicate the strategy, which is diversification, and the connection with our new product, which is natural experience for our target market, who is Chinese tour group. Also, the situational analysis of our organization indicates its opportunities and weakness so it enables Destination NSW to identify the competitive advantages and potential threats. Therefore, our organization could improve its products and services in the future.

1.3 Introduction for DMO NSW
Our organization is Destination NSW which was The New South Wales (NSW) Government established Destination NSW (DNSW) as a statutory authority to support growth in the state’s tourism and events sectors (

1.4 Outline
The outline of this report, to begin with, it has introduced and analyzed the category of the current product in SWOT, PESTEL and competitors. Secondly, the customer analysis, segmentation and target market, and potential customer will be introduced. Thirdly, the strategic opportunities elaborate diversification from the Ansoff Growth matrix as Destination NSW strategy will be provided. Fourthly, the strength and weakness of the current communication item will be offered detailed. Lastly, it will be given detailed information about our new communication item, which is brochure.

2.0 Current experience category analysis
2.1 Identify and Describe the Experience
Product category is a way to help seller determine the product and service and decide which method or experience to attract consumer (Rajagopal & Sanchez, 2004, p.233-247). The product will be focus on wildlife and natural journal, including farm-stay & opera house and Sydney Bridge, in this tourist route, farm-stay is main light spot, which are have three distinct characteristics farm experience to tourists (fruit, animal and flower). Destination of NSW will bring a special natural and relax feeling experience, involved experience and exploration, tourists can enjoy and to know NSW farm life style.
Destination NSW’s competitor:
1. Tourism and Events Queensland
Have Great Barrier Reef and Tropical North, Kuranda Scenic Railway Day Trip from Cairns.
2. Tourism of Victoria
Great Ocean Road Day Trip Adventure from Melbourne.

2.2 Competitor Summarises
As competitor for Destination NSW, Queensland and Victoria tourism, which have their unique aspect to attract tourists,