Provide The Mission Statement And Vision Statement For The Agency

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Final Report
1. Provide the mission statement and vision statement for the agency
a. Mission statement: “Our caring and experienced staff specializes in orthopedic and sports therapy, geriatrics, home rehabilitation, worker’s compensation, aquatic therapy, and speech therapy. We want to help you restore quality of life and to be there when you need therapy.”
b. Vision Statement: “We believe that our local physical therapy clinic can have local and worldwide impact. We offer in-services for the community, assisted living facilities, and other businesses on various topics of back care, transfers, and precautions for older individuals. We also value the efforts of many non-profit organizations that promote a better quality of life and help others in need. The staff at Trio Therapy gives time and support to several non-profit groups. For us, it is therapy with another purpose.”
2. Outline the programs and services offered by the agency
a. Orthopedic therapy: general physical therapy for common injuries to the shoulders, knees, hips, back, ankles, and other joints.
b. Sports therapy: therapy for injuries that is specific to an athlete and specific sport
c. Aquatic therapy: therapy in the pool to reduce weight bearing load and increase mobility
d. Geriatrics: therapy for the special population of elderly patients specializing in Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
e. Home health: Therapy done in the home of a patient who is homebound
f. Worker’s compensation
g. Speech therapy: Therapy to promote healthy lifestyle practices for the preservation of communication, hearing, or swallowing
3. Outline the methods used to evaluate the agency’s programs and services
a. This agency uses surveys and values what patients think.
4. Describe the organizational structure of the agency. Explain if the organization is efficient and why?
a. Trio Therapy Services is Co-owned by a physical therapist and a physical therapy assistant. They have two other physical therapists, a speech therapist, an OT and four other physical therapy assistants on staff. There is an office manager, front office manger and billing department manager. This agency is small for profit agency and the organization of this agency works well for this specific agency. The office manger oversees payroll, billing, collecting from patients and insurance companies, and handles any problems with staff members. The billing department manager oversees making sure the patients and insurance companies are billed correctly, getting scripts from medical doctors approving treatments, and that patient records are filed correctly. The front office manager oversees answering the phone, scheduling appointments, and obtaining and filing patient consent forms for treatment. PTA’s oversee the treatment of the patients and are responsible for completing daily notes and patient progress notes. PT’s oversee patient evaluations, treatments, and notes on the patients. They also oversee approving notes done by PTA’s and sending progress notes to medical doctors upon request. This is small agency so everyone helps out in different areas when it is required.
5. List the major sources of funds for current expenditures and capital improvements
a. Seeing patients is a major source of income
a.i. This agency is able to see patients in the clinic, at the YMCA for aquatic therapy, and in their homes.
a.ii. The home health service they provide is a major source of income because they contract out through a company called Gentiva. Gentiva allows Medicare patients to be seen under Part A instead of Part B. There is a quicker cash flow because this agency is paid directly by Gentiva instead of waiting on insurance companies.
6. Describe staff orientation and in-service training programs
a. Job responsibilities and requirements are clearly explained to new staff members. They are introduced to everyone and given a thorough tour of the facility. All staff members are trained