Essay about Findings of Hoi Tin Tong

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After all data analyzing, we obtain the information of youngsters who are between the ages of 15 – 26 as below:

Personal Information :
The interviewees are including 50% of gentle and 50% of ladies for questionnaire and product test both. Most of them are about 15 – 17and 21 – 23 years old, so the education levels are mainly secondary and tertiary. Their occupations are chiefly student and clerk. The others include sales, professional, etc. And their incomes are majorly not more than $4000 or $8001 - $10000.

Chinese Herbal Food :
Nowadays, about one half of youngsters would eat Chinese herbal food. 70% of them would not buy Chinese herbal food more than 3 times per month since it is not a necessary food. The whole of youngsters
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Over 80% of them gave not more than 6 marks (0=the lowest, 10=the highest). And they said that the gummy is strange and too bitter. Also, some of them feel thirsty after eating. Hoi Tin Tong may make some changes of the taste in order to increase the opportunity of continuously youngsters’ buying behavior.
Moreover, majority of youngsters buy the gummy from branch. All of them feel so difficult to buy and over 50% of youngsters expect that they can buy from convenience and supermarket. Even this is one of the important reasons to generate why they do not buy the gummy.
In addition, all the world is face the financial tsunami now; youngsters feel the price is too expensive. It also is one of the main reasons for the youngsters do not buy the gummy. They would compare the gummy with others gummy in the market base on the taste, size, avail, brand, etc. Also, they feel the avail is not as same as traditional turtle jelly. And half of youngsters suggested that the best price should be $8/pack. Thus, Hoi Tin Hong should modulate the price of turtle gummy to humor the younger.
Furthermore, more than half of youngsters would keep on consuming it, if turtle gummy is conductive to improve the health. So Hoi Tin Tong should do something to set a certain image for turtle gummy and show detail information of its avail to youngsters
Besides, there are about 75% of youngsters feel the package of gummy is