Firearm and Police Officer Essay

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waleska valdez
For or against Gun control Many people around the world use Guns for many things. some people use Guns to kill animals, to have fun, for their safety and to kill people. Guns have become very popular lately, even kids want to use them. they think Guns are cool and they wish to have one as a toy. However, there are many reason why Gun control should be applied. The first reason is that it would prevent crimes. there have been many crimes lately in our country. People kill one another and most of these people own Guns. For example, a couple of year ago my friend's brother named Carlos was coming out of Paterson east side high school and some people started shooting and one of the shots when straight to Carlos head and killed him. she says that if those people didn’t have Guns her brother would still be alive and there wouldn’t be so many unfair deaths. According to if there would be less gun that mean it would be less crime. Gun control is a good program because it will prevent unwanted death such as that one. The second reason would be the safety of our children. many children don’t understand that guns are dangerous and they find them cool to play with one. According to new 12 channel, last year there was a little boy of the age of eight who took his father's gun and was playing around with it just like his video games. unfortunately he killed him self. That accident happened because he wasn’t aware at what he was doing. He wasn’t aware that at the same point guns are dangerous. If the father wouldn’t have the gun at his house, that accident wouldn’t