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The First Liberal
Liberals go as far back as Jesus all the way too John Salk, who created the polio vaccine and gave it away to the people. The first liberal is mainly about a secular look at Jesus’ socio- political ideas and how they became a-part of Modern Liberalism. Liberalism began with the Egyptians since they were the first true government. The opportunity of liberalism was the key to innovation for the Egyptians. 2,500 years later the ancient Greeks invented science and participatory government.
When Jesus was alive in Jerusalem, the roman army had very little remorse for any of the civilians. Also, new ideas that were brought to them, that certain person was executed or given excommunication. However Jesus’ courage enabled him to contradict all of the trouble that was occurring within Jerusalem. Jesus created Liberalism the day he said “Love Thy Neighbor”. Those words are the most meaningful difference between Liberals and Conservatives. When you listen to Liberals you’ll hear about current events. When you listen to a conservative, you’ll hear about taxes, making money, exploiting the planet and pushing other countries around.
Thomas Jefferson separated Jesus' Liberal principles from religious practice and adopted them as ideals for the new republic, which George Mason and James Madison expressed as the Bill of Rights. He expanded on his idealized view of Jesus' philosophy when he later created “The Jefferson Bible,” with a New Testament, a straight razor,