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Book Review
Flush by Carl Hiaasen was the story of Noah Underwood, an adolescent who settled in Key West, Florida with his father, mother and younger sister Abbie. Noah’s life was untroubled: he boated, fished and snorkelled to pass his days under the warm Floridian sun. Nevertheless, things instantaneously altered after his father, Paine, winds up in the town jail.
Noah visited his father. He was bewildered: why was his moral and affectionate father in jail now? He later discovered that Paine had scuppered a gambling boat, the Coral Queen. It was discharging sewage into the pristine waters of the local marina where its owner Dusty Muleman had moored it. Once Noah was thoroughly aware, he allied with his father; he was going to help his father investigate.
Paine was a devotee of Mother Nature and had a rather impulsive personality; he uttered before he pondered. Due to his erratic conduct, he had frequently became culpable in the past. Donna, Noah's mother, was often exasperated with his characteristics. Although she loved the appealing beaches as well, however she prioritized her children along with the mortgage.
Dusty Muleman later re-floated and cleansed the boat; it was in operation afresh. Noah and Abbie monitored at the marina at nighttime; afterwards, they corroborated that even now, the gambling boat discharged sewage into the marina. With Paine’s remote advises from the jail, the children requested a few assistances from Lice Peeking, a former employee of Dusty. After Lice mystifyingly vanished, his girlfriend Shelly provided aids. She acquired the occupation of bartending on the boat, as she could provide detailed information about the daily operations on the boat.

Eventually, Noah, Abbey and Shelly conspired to reveal the confidences of the Coral Queen. Noah and Abbey amalgamated all their accumulations to purchase dozens of vials of fuchsia-coloured food dye. Shelly took Noah surreptitiously onto