Focusing On Individual Human Development

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Focusing on Individual Human
Learning intention: To investigate the meaning of development across the lifespan. The Human Lifespan
The lifespan is divided into 5 stages. Write these into your books
• Prenatal: Conception to birth
• Infancy: birth to 2 years
• Childhood: 2 years – 12 years
• Youth: 12 year – 18 years
• Adulthood: 18 years – death
Task: Map this information onto this timeline
Conception Death

Development Across the Lifespan
Using the list of examples provided below, identify each type of development as either physical, intellectual, emotional, social (P.I.E.S.). Once you have done this task individually compare your results with a partner then discuss as a class.
• a. Development of body image
• b. Adjusting to death of a spouse
• c. Achieving independence from parents
• d. Loss of bone mass due to ageing
• e. Sexual maturity of body at puberty
• f. Establishment of self-concept
• g. Learning to interact appropriately with other children such as sharing, taking turns and making friends
• h. Development of language skills
• i. Developing ability to reason and problem solve
• j. Onset of menopause
• k. Feeling proud about personal achievements
• l. Learning appropriate gender roles
• m. Starting a family and raising children
• n. Development of values and beliefs
• o. Learning to crawl
• p. The eruption of a child’s tooth

Development Across the Lifespan
Divide class into 5 groups. Allocate each group one stage of the lifespan. Each group must