Food Safety Construction Essay

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Food Safety Construction With the continued economic and social development and economic globalization continues, People increasingly diverse food culture, food hygiene and safety has become a hot topic, all kinds of food safety affects the general public's heart, all of a series of vicious food safety incidents occur sparked great concern for food safety, Lead to increased re-examine this issue a high degree of national public safety, but also need to increase food safety supervision. Food safety means: Food safety is in the cultivation, processing, packaging, storage, transportation, sales and other activities, go to mandatory food in line with national standards and requirements, there may not harm or threaten human health, toxic and harmful substances leading to the death of consumers, and threaten the health of future generations. In 2000, the World Health Assembly adopted the "food safety resolution" to develop a global food security strategy, in which food security is a priority of public health. Food safety is directly related to the masses of the people's health and social stability, and the state and the government's image, already in the world has attracted wide attention. Food non-toxic, harmless, some nutrients should be in line with the requirements of human health does not cause any acute, chronic acute or chronic hazards. Food safety is also a devoted food processing, storage, professors and other kinds of processes to ensure food hygiene and food safety, reduce disease risks, prevention of food poisoning. In China, especially in recent years, the government attaches great importance to food safety, and issued a series of laws and regulations, and a lot of work.
However, in this context are still a lot of problems. China's legal system on food safety, there are many drawbacks and problems, many problems in food production to provide a living space. Because the lack of relevant departments of the food safety management, making the Chinese food industry, serious violations, illegal production and sale of substandard food phenomenon has always existed. Consumer's lack of knowledge of food may also cause food safety problems. First, consumers lack the knowledge to buy safe food. Second, a lot of Consumers lack of the commerce sense about healthy eating behavior. Food insecurity has been throughout the whole process of the food supply. The following briefly describes the issue. First the microbe pollutions. Micro-organisms that affect China's food safety the most important factor. The microbe pollutions, including bacterial contamination, viral and fungal contamination. "Our 1990-1999 shows that the incidence of food poisoning, food poisoning micro-organisms living all kinds of food poisoning the first pathogen, accounting for 40% of the size of food poisoning. "In food processing, storage, transportation and sales process, are easy to cause microbial contamination. Second the chemical pollution. Food in the new biological and chemical pollutants on health has become a potential threat cannot be ignored. In recent years, governments have developed some of stop production and use of toxic chemical pesticides. China is no exception, however, the second quarter of 2001, the national product quality supervision and inspection results have been banned two types of highly toxic pesticide Methamidophos, and methane detection rate is still high. But now these two types of pesticides are still on sale, only changed its name. Third the environmental pollution. "It is estimated that 85% of human tumors to 90% for environmental factors." Enriched through the food chain, human intake of a wide variety of toxic and hazardous substances from food, a serious impact on human health. At present, mainly due to industrial waste and urban waste unreasonable emissions, which leads the 850 Jiang Liu, more than 130 lakes and coastal areas are affected to different degrees of pollution. Animals and plants