Essay on For Targeting New Customers, What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using These Social Networks Compared to Search Engine Advertising?

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Module 4 Assignment 1: Discussion – Mission Statements
Lex Adams
Marketing Planning & Strategy

Think about an online social media network like Facebook or LinkedIn. For targeting new customers, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using these social networks compared to search engine advertising?
Provide specific examples of products that lend themselves more to social networks as compared to search engine advertising.

I am going to use the quote, “it takes a village” and put into the context on how social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn can influence a consumer’s values, decision making, and preference. For example, Facebook has morphed into a global, networking site where people with similar and different
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matters. Social media also can be used in each of the main components of holistic marketing: integrated marketing, internal marketing, relationship marketing, and socially responsible marketing. The ultimate goal for companies is to use Facebook and other social media sites for brand building and recognition purposes.
Products such as soft drinks, cars, restaurants can announce new deals or updates in real time through social media much faster than search engine optimization. For example, Sprinkles Cupcakes routinely posts secret deal of days on their Facebook page by posting a secret word that consumers can mention at one of their locations in order to get a free cupcake. Consumers can then share the secret word with other friends as well as share the secret with other Sprinkles customers who may not be aware of the daily deals. Consumers can also post suggestions for different flavors on the Sprinkles Facebook page and discussions can be started between fellow consumers and also between company and consumers. This example shows how Sprinkles can maintain the interaction between company and consumer which helps retain existing customers but also attract new customers through word of mouth.

Advantages to Social Media Optimization 1. Connecting people with companies, products, and services. Social media brings people together where they can share ideas, experiences, and also promote products or