Managing Business Activities to Achieve Results Essay

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Unit 15: Managing business activities to achieve results

Introduction: There are three sectors of the economy which are public, private and voluntary sector. I have chosen to do research on Royal mail they are they are the largest postal service up to date and has a long history of postal service dating back to the 18th century which is why I will do research on Royal Mail for the public sector along with John Lewis for the private sector.

Task 1
Assessment Criteria 1.1
Evaluate the inter-relationship between the different processes and functions of a selected organisation. Include the following for a selected business organisation: mission statement, corporate culture, aims/objectives, business functions (e.g. human resources)
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To achieve their three aims John Lewis needs to demonstrate benefits of co-ownership and behaviours that differentiate John Lewis. Along with the ability to compete against and outperform conservative companies which will be vital to illustrate their effectiveness of their approach to business.

Business Function’s of John Lewis
John Lewis has seven business functions, which are: * Sales department and Marketing– this department of John Lewis is responsible of making sales, so they are responsible of selling goods to the customer. Along with stocking new products so the customer can buy the new products. The marketing department of John Lewis is responsible on promoting John Lewis and the products they sell, which is why they have to advertise through posters, leaflets or TV advertisement to attract consumer’s attention whether they are new or old customers. They also have to advertise to let these consumers know of any promotional offers of products they may be interested in. * Production/operations department – John Lewis has many suppliers around the world to provide high quality products from scratch using raw materials. Furthermore if a consumer wanted a product customised from scratch John