Essay on Forensic: Grave and Person Animal Body

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Shemone Brown
Research Paper

Having a burial for an animal can be hard, In Wisconsin burying them can be even harder. In Wisconsin the carcass of any person animal body has to be disposed within 24 hours from April though November and within 48 hours, December to March. The most typical ways to dispose of a carcass in Wisconsin was to bury, burn ect. These methods are becoming less popular and they create hazards to the water/air quality. Animals having certain diseases or if you think they may have diseases like black leg or sleeping sickness that they died from. They need to be taken care of promptly and they do need to be burned or buried to prevent scavenging from other animals or dogs.

Wisconsin recommends that the carcass is buried at least 6 feet beneath the ground. Also to transport a carcass in Wisconsin they cannot be dragged or driven on the highway if they are sick. If you have to transport the animal they need to be in a secured way so it does not contaminate the highway. The best method if your animal has no disease to bury them would be to use compost. It is less hazardous to the environment there are various sites that can help you learn how to compost the most important thing is choosing the site to bury your animal. When it comes to picking a site you should bury your animal at least 1000 feet away from lakes and streams. I myself have asked my condo association if I could bury my pig in the big back yard I have, they told me as…