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Exam #1, Version A
Spring 2013 – Dr. Dale Greene
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In most of the less developed countries today, their approach to land management can best be described as:
a. preservation of natural resources
b. protection of wildlife
c. environmental activism
d. exploitation for human wants and needs


Which of the following is not a renewable resource?
a. Hydroelectric power generated at Buford Dam using water from Lake Lanier
b. Salmon caught in Alaska under scientifically based fishing regulations
c. Kaolin clay mined in Johnson County, Georgia used to make bathroom fixtures
d. Pine trees harvested for building products, pulp, and energy near Waycross
e. None of the above

Select from the names below to provide the best answer to the next 5 questions:
a. Paul Erlich
b. Aldo Leopold
c. Theodore Roosevelt
d. Richard Nixon
e. John Muir

Which president was the first one to focus on protecting the environment by setting aside unclaimed federal lands as national forests and parks? C


Author of The Population Bomb that warned of the mass starvation of humans if our population continued to increase at the rates observed at that time. A


Argued in his writings that man’s use of land should abide by a “land ethic”. B


US president who signed most of our major current environmental laws including the Clean
Water Act, Clean Air Act, and the Endangered Species Act. D


A writer who argued for the protection of wilderness areas in the late 1800’s and later was a founder of the Sierra Club. E


If immigration is 28 emigration is 10, the birth rate is 39, and the death rate is 22 (each per 1000 people), what is the percentage growth rate for this country?
a. 3.5%
b. 2.0%
c. 35%
d. 15%


In the article Go Forth and Multiply a Lot Less from The Economist magazine, we learned that the fertility rate in half of the world’s countries today has fallen under 2.1 – the global
“replacement fertility level”. Which of the following was not discussed as a possible reason?
a. Food shortages and famines
b. Improved living standards
c. Greater education of females
d. Use of family planning and contraception
e. None of the above


Consider the following population pyramid for Japan in 2010. Which of the following statements below are supported by the graph?


Men over age 75 outnumber women.
The number of teenage girls and boys are roughly equal.
The country has fewer people past child-bearing years than entering them.
It is a typical pyramid for a growing population.
The birth rate has increased since 1990.


The population of Earth is projected by the UN to reach approximately what level by 2050?
a. 70 billion
b. 700 million
c. 7 billion
d. 9 billion
e. 900 billion


You are shopping for fertilizer at the local gardening center. The numbers on the bag are 28-1014. These represent the percentage by weight of which collection of elements?
a. Na – P – C
b. N – P – K
c. K – C – S
d. Sand – Silt – Clay


Loam soils are the most productive for agricultural cultivation. What percent sand