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Formidable Fun “Why do people enjoy getting scared? Is it the thrill, the adrenaline that courses through someone’s veins? Why am I voluntarily paying to endure the terror? These questions swirled through my mind as I walked through the gates of Halloween Horror Nights at Universal. Approaching the first scare zone was eerie, with fog hovering over the dimly lit streets, and creatures lurking in the shadows. The three girls that accompanied me were walking slow, as if they could avoid the unknown. We crossed the line separating the safe zone from the scare zone, and began to pick up the pace. Suddenly a man in ripped, baggy clothes, with blood smeared on his face, appeared. His hair was frizzy and huge, and his bloodshot eyes shown mischievously, as I noticed he hid something behind his back. The attacker ran at us and cranked up the chainsaw. Mary panicked and ran. Sydney screamed. I bolted and followed them, not daring to look back at the man. We finally managed to successfully get out of the scare zone and made it to our first haunted house. Our group had been waiting in line for hours, yet we managed to remained energetic and in good spirits. Finally, we reached the big red door leading into the Insidious House. Walking into the house, my heart began to speed up. The anxiety of what was to come was killing me. The lady wearing a nurse’s outfit, with blood bags and blood dripping down her scrubs greeted us at the door. “Try to watch your step, it gets a little crazy in there,” she advised.
Mary, Sydney, Alexis, and I all held hands as we turned the corner, for we never knew what to expect next. As we continued through the almost pitch-black house, ghosts and demons popped out from everywhere. “Calm down. It’s not real, none of this is real,” raced through my mind. Racing thoughts, clammy hands, and body shakes were other symptoms, as I fought the urge to run. Thankfully, the final path was shown, like a beacon of light. I sprinted out never looking back. After a while of trying to catch my breath, I began to laugh. It was definitely the thrill and excitement, mixed with relief, that made Halloween Horror Nights fun. The Insidious House proved to be the most terrifying. All eyes were staring at us, for we had just approached the next scare zone and were alone on the street. This one in particular included mummies