My First True Love

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marvin muller
Ms. Jennifer L. Burkett
Composition 1
18, September, 2012
My First True Love The first time I left my country to study in the United States, my girlfriend gave me our framed picture. That was our first picture taken together on the night we first met each other. Every time I look at this picture, it takes me back in time like a time machine to that night. It wakes up emotions and memories from that summer.
I remember, that summer, I was on vacation in Montenegro with my best friend. We were spending days on the beaches drinking cocktails and nights at local bars with our favorite music. Just when the summer seemed it could not get better, I met her. She was my best friend’s friend and I don’t know how we had not met each other sooner, from that moment I saw her, I knew that I wanted be with that beautiful girl. I did not leave her side the entire night. We talked about our interests, favorite music, important things, not important things, and then we felt we were made for each other. We were laughing, taking pictures, making funny faces, and not caring about who was around us. Although we felt as though time had stopped, hours were flying by and she had to go home. I asked myself when I could see her again, but I did not want to be annoying. Then I saw on her seat that she had left her id. To this day, she has not told me whether or not she left it on purpose, but it does not matter because I had a reason to see her. The next day, she came back to get her id. and we spent the whole day together. It felt impossible to leave her. We played volleyball with our friends at the beginning we were playing very well, we were leading. At some point, we quit paying attention to the points because we started tickling each other, laughing, and hitting each other with the ball. The other team soon took over the lead and won, but we were happier than our friends because we were having more fun. We continued to spend time together throughout the entire night in the clubs listening to Serbian