Founding Brothers Summary

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During the time of the American Revolution, there were several people who said that independence from England was not only reasonable, but bound to happen. Joseph Ellis, the author of Founding Brothers, discusses and describes some of the key founders of this country and how they reshaped history. Some Americans take what they have for granted, and they are not always thankful for what this country has given them in life. If the British were to have won the Revolutionary war, life as we know it would be extremely different and the people discussed Founding Brothers would have most likely been killed. No other country had won independence the way America did. Some were able to see the potential that America held, and at the same time, there were those who had doubts. One thing that the people of the new world had in common was their desire for freedom. In 1787, four years …show more content…
His retirement was in no way a sign of him failing, it was in fact a sign of him stepping down in order to focus on his health. The mounting criticism he was receiving from the press and his health issues fueled his decision to retire. Washington’s time as President was very influential on the country, and he believed that he strengthened the country due to only allowing a President to only serve a maximum of two terms. He believed that a two-term limit would strengthen the country. The end of the chapter discussed George Washington’s Farewell Address and the major points it covered. The chapter titled, The Collaboration, the reader’s focus is drawn to the relationship between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson. John Adams was the nation’s second President, and at the time, Thomas Jefferson was his Vice President. Jefferson’s term as President was quite challenging. These two men, separated by political differences, continued to maintain respect for each other as well as a functioning